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Payroll process automation and optimisation

Get the most of Payroll and remain compliant

Cost Control

Avoid paying thousands of dollars monthly to SaaS services


Automate payroll data collection, payslips, and payment processing

Security and Reliability

Keep company's and employee's data under control

Total Integration

Integrate with custom ERP/HRM or any other IT system of the Company

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Our solution

Bespoke payroll SUITE

Ready-to-go, fully customizable payroll suite, which is installed on a customer's IT infrastructure or in a cloud. Could be adjusted to any business process, any data source, and remain legally compliant. Automates payments and the government authorities reporting.​

•   Deep Automation

•   Legal Compliance

•   Data Sync & Process Integration

•   Full customization

Why Payroll is a Problem?

SaSS providers charge for each employee/payslip per payroll period (monthly, weekly). Current price on the market is $3 to $4 per payslip.  A company with 5000 employees may spend on the payroll process up to $100,000 per month.

Manual labor is another issue: collecting and checking payroll data, running payroll requires full time involvement from dozens payroll managers.

According to our research 5000 payslips per week require involvement of 30-50 payroll managers which is another $1,000,000 per year in salary

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Would it work for you?

​If you are:

  • Medium to large enterprise

  • Accounting company

  • Outsourcing company

  • Umbrella payroll company

  • Any business who runs 1000+ payslips per month

And looking for:

  • Optimizing payroll processing cost

  • Non-standard payroll calculations

  • Specific integration (ERP/HRM)

  • Payroll process automation

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