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Automated solution for the UK umbrella company

Umbrella payroll approach helps umbrella companies to:

Accept batches of timesheets received from employees/agencies

Parse and moderate the information in the timesheets

Convert the timesheets into invoices and group it

Issue invoices for the agencies

The invoice an agency receives is based on an assignment rate, which is accurately calculated taking into account employer deductions, holiday pay, and other amounts. 

Our payroll solution helps complete all the required calculations, organize the appropriate document flow: from an employee’s timesheet to HMRC submissions and reports.

The solution provides the following features:

  1. Employees and Agencies management (create manually and/or via batch uploading employees and agencies, manage it)

  2. Batch timesheet uploading (XLSX/CSV) and managing

  3. Invoices generating based on the uploaded batch

  4. Invoices managing

  5. Invoices sending to agencies & PDF downloading

  6. Managing credit notes

  7. Employees advance payments

  8. Payroll calculation with both employer and employee payments and deductions (statutory payments, student loan, apprenticeship levy, extra payments & deductions, pensions, taxes, etc.)

  9. Group and individual payments

  10. Payment files

  11. Reports: payslips and P45 (generating, preview, print, and PDF downloading)

  12. FPS and EPS submission files (XML files are sent directly to HMRC)

  13. Integrations with HRM and payment systems

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Book a Demo with Us

We invite you to experience the power of Invatechs Payroll firsthand. To discover how our flexible and compliant payroll software can transform your payroll processes, we encourage you to book a demo with Ilya Chubanau, our Customer Success expert. Let's embark on this payroll journey together.

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