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Explore the Power of Invatechs Payroll Software

Discover how Invatechs Payroll Software empowers your payroll team with a rich array of features designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Process Payroll with Ease

Run payroll in seconds with our cloud-based system. Whether handling 100 or 10,000 workers, scalability is unlimited, ensuring optimal performance.

Includes all payment types: PAYE, umbrella, self-employed, CIS, and LTD.

Stay up-to-date with legislation changes, including IR35.

Automatic flagging of payroll errors.

HMRC integrated with no extra cost for additional licenses.

Seamless support for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

Onboard New Starters Effortlessly

Whether onboarding manually or through bulk uploads, our new starter dashboard simplifies the process. Set up new workers or archive leavers seamlessly within the system.

Import an unlimited number of workers in seconds.

Clearly identify workers requiring onboarding.

Provide worker portals for uploads, e-signatures, and more.

Centralized worker and agency management within Invatechs payroll.

Manage Workers with Precision

Effortlessly access and update logically laid-out employee records. Real-time searching, record tracking, note additions, and communication to worker portals ensure efficient workforce management.

Real-time record searching for quick access.

Identify record changes with a clear audit trail.

Add notes and documentation for comprehensive records.

Communicate directly through worker portals.

Generate Insightful Reports

Access a range of pre-built reports and enjoy the flexibility of requesting bespoke reports from our UK-based development team. Export over 50 reports designed to save time and reduce errors.

Exportable reports for various payroll insights.

Continual expansion based on client feedback.

Gain valuable insights into payroll performance.

Efficient Expense Management

Empower workers with mobile-friendly portals for easy expense submissions. Pre-built into the system, our eligibility questionnaire ensures a hassle-free process for expense approvals.

Authorize expenses through an efficient approval process.

Receipt/invoice upload for quick and easy management.

Transparent Audit Logs

Our clear audit trail simplifies tracking changes made to worker records by admin users and the system. Identify updates easily with date/time stamped records.

Easily readable list of changes made.

Date/time stamped records for precise tracking.

Simplified identification of error origins.

 Simplified Invoicing

Effortlessly send invoices and credit notes to clients. Templates are automatically generated, and mistakes can be rectified with ease.

Templates generated automatically.

Reverse invoices to correct mistakes swiftly.

Effortless Pension Management

Complete pension submissions for leading providers seamlessly. We've partnered with Nest, Smart Pension, and The People’s Pension for data syncing ease.

Integration with leading pension providers.

Manage pensions conveniently within the system.

Streamlined Email/SMS Communication

Enhance communication by adding email and SMS capabilities directly into the system. Keep all communication in one place, partnering with trusted providers for reliability.

Secure and protected communications.

Centralized communication for ease of use.

Secure Document Storage

Import key documentation securely against worker records. With the flexibility of our worker records, use Invatechs Payroll as a CRM to manage all client and worker data.

Dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure platform.

Time-saving by managing all data in one tool.

Error Management and Correction

Addressing human errors is seamless with our functionality. Open pay weeks, unlimited rollback and reprocessing, and pre-validation ensure accuracy in pay runs.

Unlimited rollback and reprocessing at no extra cost.

Enhanced accuracy with pre-validation.

Automatic handling of RTI corrections.

Efficient Bulk Actions

Save time and increase productivity with bulk actions, including importing, processing, and sending. The system automatically flags any suspected errors in your files.

Bulk process an unlimited number of workers across different clients.

One-click manual or bulk processing.

Automatic flagging of files with errors.

Self-Service Portals

Cloud-based portals for agencies and clients offer autonomy in document and account management. Secure e-signature functionality ensures compliance.

Secure portals for clients and agencies.

Built-in secure e-signature functionality.

Effortless HMRC Data Management

Easily complete RTI submissions with HMRC integration. Access handy reports to check for RTI errors, view previous submissions, and manage banking files.

Reports available for RTI error checks.

View all previous RTI submissions in one place.

Streamlined Banking Processes

Download your banking file and set up payment dates within the system. Simplify payroll processes with bank files available for major banks.

Banking files available for major banks.

Choose payment dates for bank file downloads.

Verified Worker Bank Details

Verify worker bank details seamlessly with our Loqate integration.

Integration for easy verification of worker bank details.

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And so much more! 

Experience the efficiency, accuracy, and innovation of Invatechs Payroll Software. Book a demo today!

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