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Case Studies

Payroll software for GP surgeries and primary care practices in the UK

We have created easy-to-use cloud-based payroll software suite which links with many popular accountancy software tools, pension schemes and HMRC.The software complies with GDPR and two-factor authentication also provides security of your personal data. Being fully cloud-based, it allows the clients to control their accounting wherever they are.

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Automated solution for the UK umbrella company 

The invoice an agency receives is based on an assignment rate, which is accurately calculated taking into account employer deductions, holiday pay, and other amounts. 

Our payroll solution helps complete all the required calculations, organize the appropriate document flow: from an employee’s timesheet to HMRC submissions and reports.


Bespoke Payroll Software

Automation is always a business enabler. Enterprises in the UK have a unique business processes, reporting activities and ways how they pay wages to their employees. So they have to use multiple software tools to handle this mistake-free. That is the problem our client had when came to us. 

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