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Cost Control

SaSS providers charge for each employee/payslip per payroll period (monthly, weekly). Current price on the market is $3 to $4 per payslip. A company with 5000 employees may spend on the payroll process up to $100,000 per month. Custom payroll software cost doesn't depend on the number of employees and payroll frequency.


Get rid of manual labor: our solution makes collecting and checking payroll data, running payroll, making payments, and sending reports routine background tasks.

Security and Reliability

Strict regulations force businesses to take care of employees' personal data. Our solution provides security and liability at the level of your own private cloud.

Total Integration

The custom solution always means that the existing business process won't be ruined by an inflexible 3d party provider.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Banks, ERPs, internal apps, CSV/Excel reports - everything could be a source of information for proper payroll processing. Your existing data will be carefully accommodated.

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